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This is how the Chinese regime “responds” to governments who do not compromise with its crime

According to the Associated Press (AP), on Tuesday, June 4, in a post on the Chinese Embassy website in Washington, DC, a Chinese government spokesman criticized and accused Mike Pompeo of “gross intervening” China internal issues. This is because the US Secretary of State asked the Chinese Communist regime to publicly declare the number of deaths in the Tiananmen massacre 30 years ago and praised the members of the protest as brave people.

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Why does the War Remnants Museum have no information about the 1979 Vietnam-China border war?

Keeping “untold story” is similar to censoring “a part of the truth”, for whatever reasons, this censorship would make people’s awareness locked and get them gradually away from historical truth.

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The US-China Trade War Will End Only When CCP Collapses

Like all the wars that the CCP initiated and insisted on avoiding sin for the purpose of continuing to protect the regime from the destruction, the US-China trade war, whose nature is to expose CCP’s deceiving and looting process during its international economic attacks, will end only when the Chinese Communist Party is dissolved.

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When President of America Clarifies The Truth…

The Epoch Times newsletter introduced a prominent article titled “The skepticism of the US intelligence community is a good thing” by Steven Rogers, published on January 28, 2019. In this article, author Steven Rogers reiterated US historical precedents about US intelligence agencies in which the CIA used to make inaccurate statements or arguments and they… Continue reading When President of America Clarifies The Truth…

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Initially, CCP took advantage of a photo in which lured clergies were wearing Red Army uniform just to propagate “love for the Communist Party” in brainwashing courses. Unfortunately this photo along with its spreading via internet has revealed China’s “new commitment” in their compromise with the Vatican Holy See. That’s why the photo was immediately censored later on.

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Canadian ambassador was fired after blaming USA for the arrest of 2 Canada citizens by China

The statements by the ambassador of Canada in China caused him fired from role of ambassador, in fact it was not to protect the Canadian. It was seemingly led by the Chinese government for protecting Huawei and aiming to bring pressure on USA.

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US will conduct extradition of Chief Finance Executive Huawei Meng WanChou, China fears being exposed to the world

The Chinese leadership regime has been, is and will be, looking for reasons to abolish its role in its stealth attacks against the most advanced technology of the United States. In the very near future, the United States, with the leading role, will show the world the end of this play in which the collapse of the Chinese Communist regime is inevitable.